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Heavy Bags that can be filled with water or sand. This is a great tool for developing explosive punching and kicking power and also give students something to work on by themselves. Kids really love to hit these things. (Comes in adult and kids sizes). Use the boxing gloves because it?s not a good idea to hit the bag with your hands or to use your martial arts gear to hit the bag. The gear will tear and is not made for that type of consistent impact.
  • Grab the Wavemaster/Boxing Gloves Bundle
  • Wavemasters - Ages 7 and up
  • Wavemasters - Ages 6 and below
  • Weapons
    Black Belt Club & Leadership members, make sure to get your weapons for training in regular class or competition. Do you have your fancy bo or dynamic nun-chuks for show, competitions, demonstrations? It's time to check out some of the coolest styles out there. Get all the weaons together and save!
  • Bundled Weapons (only basic styles)
  • Bo Staff
  • Nun-Chuks
  • Escrima Sticks(order 2)
  • Weaopns Cases
  • Body Shields
    Practice at home with this heavy duty target which is great for kicking and striking hard and also provide a chance for family members to get involved in the training.
  • Body Shields
  • Handpad Striking Targets
    Hand held targets are a great way for students to develop control and speed on their techniques that need precise practice and also provide a chance for family members to get involved in the training.
  • Get Here
  • Belt Racks
    a great way to organize and display your old belts rather than putting them in a box in your closet. You?ve worked hard to earn those belts. Display them where you can see them.
  • Belt Racks
  • Boxing Gloves and Mitts
    You'll need these to get started in Black Belt Class. The Mitts will be ordered by Instructors automatically when you place your order for the Gloves/Mitts bundle. The mitts are a one-size fits all. We recommend adult sized gloves for most students unless students are younger and have small hands. Ask your instructor if you're not sure.
  • Adult Gloves/Mitts
  • Youth Gloves/Mitts
  • Gloves
  • Whole Gear Set
    First of all, you save 10% (our standing discount) by getting all the gear together, and then 20% on top of that. Really, this is the best money saving option you can choose. You need all your gear before you can take sparring class.
  • Male Set
  • Female Set
  • Hand & Foot Gear Bundle
    This is a great for beginner belts. Remember, students in the basic program need Hand & Foot Gear by Gold Belt. Also great for advanced belts who to replace Hand & Foot Gear.
  • Deluxe Hand & Foot Gear (better quality & longer lasting)
  • Powerline Hand & Foot Gear (better quality & longer lasting)
  • Regular Hand & Foot Gear (just the essentials)

  • Nicklaus' Martial Arts America provides superior instruction in Character & Leadership Skills Development through the Martial Arts.

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